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Denali Bike to Sable Pass

Sable Pass
Region: Denali National Park
Date: May 13, 2007
Mileage: ~20
Elevation Gain: ?00'
Partner: Solo

Every year, on the opening and closing weekend of Denali National Park, a little know secret occurs. Instead of just being able to drive 15 miles to the Savage River, we can drive about 30 miles in to Teklanika. From there you can bike as far as you can. I chose to go about 10 miles up to Sable Pass, before turning around.

Along the way I saw Elk, Moose, Ptarmigan, Rabbits and a VW Bus sized Grizzly Bear. Of course that bear chose to cross the road right in front of my gravity sped bike. So I had to lock up the brakes to stop in time. I was armed with bear spray and a 300mm lens. Which would I have used? Or could I double fist it? Camera in one hand and bear spray in another. Thankfully the bear was not interested in me. Though it did leave me with the tiring uphill part back to my truck with no downhill speed, but lots of adrenaline to fuel my tired body!

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