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Alaska Roadtrip 3

Destination(s): Landmark Gap, McClaren Summit
Road(s): Alaska highway, Richardson Highway, Denali Highway
Date: June 2004


I'd spotted 3 hikes that I wanted to do, and the weather looked great, so off I went.

Once at Gokana Glacier, I hiked a short way up the trail to get a better view, but decided that I would rather use the weather to my advantage and see the Wrangell Mountains, that had hid on my last trip.

I decided to drive all the way down to Willow Creek to the overlook to get all the views of Mt Blackburn, Mt Sanford, Mt Wrangell and Mt Drum.

Landmark Gap: I started by mountain biking, but the rough road was not pleasant. So I went back and got my truck for some light 4WD. The mosquitoes were so bad, I had to leave.

McClaren Summit: A short hike along the highest point on the Denali Highway

On the drive home to Fairbanks, I noticed a brown smog once I crested the high point on the Richardson Highway into Delta Junction. This was the start of the horrid 2004 fire season, which scorched over 6.6 MILLION acres.

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Alaska Highway (Fairbanks to Delta Junction):

Richardson Highway (from Delta Junction to Gokana):

Richardson Highway (Gokana Glacier):

Richardson Highway (Wrangell Mountains):

Richardson Highway (Willow Creek to Paxon):

Denali Highway (Landmark Gap):

Denali Highway (McClaren Summit):

Richardson Highway (Paxon to Delta Junction):

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