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Low to High Peaks 14er? Rating Map Route Mileage Elevation Solo Camp # of P Range Date 14ers TR
1Uncompahgre Peak (ski attempt)14erD7 SE Face15.625022bp San Juan 01/16/2010 > TR/PDF
2American Peak13erD9 East Face14.4548472 San Juan 04/25/2013 > TR/PDF
3Handies Peak14erD5 West Gully14.454847solo2 San Juan 04/25/2013 > TR/PDF
4Redcloud Peak14erD5 North face10.375072 San Juan 04/26/2013 > TR/PDF
5Sunshine Peak14erD7 SE Face10.375072 San Juan 04/26/2013 > TR/PDF
6San Luis Peak14erD8 West Yawner Gully11.925970solo San Juan 04/27/2013 > TR/PDF
7Wetterhorn Peak14erD12 East Face7.533790 San Juan 05/03/2013 > TR/PDF
8Mt Sneffels14erD13 Birthday Chutes5.462975 San Juan 05/04/2013 > TR/PDF
9Uncompahgre Peak14erD7 SE Face14.314980 San Juan 04/19/2014 > TR/PDF
10Pt 13,510B13erD4 East Face5.422415 San Juan 12/27/2014
11McMillan12erD3 West Face4.541714 San Juan 01/02/2015
12Mt Wilson14erD15 Boxcar Couloir11.185110 San Juan 04/02/2015 > TR/PDF
13Pt 13,30013erD7 South Face2.962603 San Juan 04/03/2015 > TR/PDF
14Alberta Peak11erD5 North Face1.161027solo San Juan 12/25/2015
15Window Peak13erD4 Southeast Face15.514326solobp San Juan 05/03/2016 > TR/PDF
16Pt 13,27813erD7 Northeast Face11.882587bp2 San Juan 05/04/2016 > TR/PDF
17Rio Grande Pyramid13erD7 Northeast Face11.882587bp2 San Juan 05/04/2016 > TR/PDF
18Phoenix Peak13erD4 West Face12.274412 San Juan 05/05/2016 > TR/PDF
19Jupiter Mountain13erD7 Europa Couloir104899bp2 San Juan 05/11/2017 > TR/PDF
20Mt Eolus14erD9 East Couloir104899bp2 San Juan 05/12/2017 > TR/PDF
21Windom Peak14erD10 North Face Face9.74030bp2 San Juan 05/13/2017 > TR/PDF
22Sunlight Peak14erD12 South Face9.74030bp2 San Juan 05/13/2017 > TR/PDF
23Mt Kennedy13erD8 NE Couloir3.72485bp San Juan 05/14/2017 > TR/PDF

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