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Ski Lines in Colorado

Stan Waggon Lovingly stolen from this page!

Some of the routes on this site are mellow, and a skilled intermediate skier would feel confident skiing alone on them, while others are quite steep and, in unfavorable conditions, potentially dangerous. But all ratings go out the window in the face of weather and snow conditions. Avalanches seem like a minor concern in the spring (but in certain conditions avalanches can be as dangerous and potentially deadly in spring as well as winter, May 2005 being a notorious example). Still, in my experience the risk of taking a fall on an icy slope and going for a long ride is more serious.

Here is a summary of the ski lines. All of these offer excellent skiing in a scenic mountain environment. If you have comments on any of these lines, or interesting photos, I'd be pleased to add them to the site. And some of my names are provisional: we'll see if they catch on. Some do, some don't.

Steep (D9+)

(I would rate all these at least D9 (see Dawson System) which, to quote Lou Dawson on D10, means: "Slopes probably around 45 degrees, with a few complicating terrain features. This is the spot on the scale where true extreme skiing begins."

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