Otina's Adventures

Otina's Adventures

Trip reports and photos from hiking, climbing, skiing
and mountaineering adventures in Colorado, Alaska, NY and beyond.




Denali in Fall - A stunning view of the mountain, from the Parks Highway in fall colors.

Denali in Spring - A rare clear day as I drove south along the Parks Highway.

Denali Ptarmigan - Playing my favorite game: Stalk the Ptarmigan!

Steele Creek Field - A hay field down the street from my cabin provided fall foliage and old farming equipment as backdrops.

Fairbanks Botanical Garden - A great place to take a new camera to test it's capabilities, as well as learn about depth of field, composition and focusing. Beautiful flowers always inspire!

Juneau Cruise - Took a wildlife cruise outside of Juneau. Plenty of humpback whales and sea lion sightings.

Kenai Fjords Cruise - Took a glacier and wildlife cruise out of Seward to Kenai Fjords National Park. 2005

Resurrection Bay Cruise - Took a glacier and wildlife cruise out of Seward around Resurrection Bay. 2007

Seward Sea Life Center - Toured the research, rehabilitation, education and aquarium. Birds, Sea lions, and Seals!

Winter Solstice 2005 - Fairbanks - UAF, where you have to remember to go see the sun, otherwise you won't

Fairbanks Ice Art Championships - It's what to do in March every year

Southern Migration - My tale of being the most hated vehicle between Fairbanks, AK and Boulder, CO:


Leica Film practice - RMNP lake hikes

Garden of the Gods - Leica practice

Lunar Eclipse - The moon hiding behind our shadow

My first house - Plus some minor remodeling projects


Punaluu Sea Turtles - A few hours observing the turtles resting and feeding.

Haleakala Sunrise - Viewing the sunrise from the top of the crater.

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